The future is in reach

The Future

The Future is there waiting for you all you have to do is reach out and create your own, sitting and dreaming about it is all well and good but only you can make it happen.

So do it now create the future that you want! make it happen, don’t waste anymore time thinking about it DO IT!! 

I wasted a lot of time when I was younger, and then at 39 I became disabled with chronic back problems and went through a nightmare time for ten years i suffered getting worse as the years went by I have had a total of six operations on my back the lower part of my back is now fused together I had three prolapsed disks that were pushing on my spinal cord the hospital that I attended kept telling me there was nothing wrong with it so I carried on with my daily work as normal as i could being in chronic pain 24/7 I was taking so many pain killers and could hardly walk eventually I asked to have a second opinion I went up to London was given an MRI scan and was told I had three prolapsed disks, then it was operation after operation I have metal work in my back I’ve had a spinal cord stimulator drug after drug but nothing was working there was too much nerve damage it also effected my water works have to be catheterised  in the end I was told I’d had everything done to me that they could do and was told I would have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair and suffer the constant chronic pain I was so drugged up with morphine I didn’t know what day it was Life had hit rock bottom I had a wheelchair I had to have my bathroom converted into a wet room a hospital bed and a mobility scooter to get around I had carers come to my home 4 times a day to get me up wash, dress me and give me my medication then get my breakfast for me then come in again to get me lunch and medication then tea time and finally bed time to get me undressed and put me into bed with sleeping tablets plus my other medication, this happened day in day out.

To be continued

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          Nutrition Course

Woo Hoo!! The first set of marks for my Nutrition course came back and I’m pleased to say that I got a pass with a high merit,